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Etimo - Bulk Pack 100 Coffee Capsules

A classic Mocha Java with Kenyan for added complexity. Smooth Java heaviness with sparkling nuances from Africa just under the surface.

Proto - Bulk Pack 100 Coffee capsules

An African blend balanced with a clean finishing coffee from Papua New Guinea and sweetness from Indian Mysore Nuggets. A coffee great with milk that also satisfies black coffee drinkers.

Trella - Bulk Pack 100 capsules

A full tasting blend of two Central American coffees balanced with Brazilian and a pleasant lingering taste contributed by African coffees. Strength without bitterness, just go ahead, pour the milk.

Decaf - Bulk Pack 100 Coffee Capsules

 Swiss Water Decaf. Certified Organic. Ripened at the highest altitudes around the world between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Indian Bulk Pack 100 Coffee Capsules

Grown in Southern India, a low acidity, well balanced, pronounced bodied coffee.
*** Voted No 1 By Choice Magazine ***

Sumatran - Bulk Pack 100 coffee capsules

One of the heaviest, smoothest, most complex coffees with earthy and spicy notes. One of the most sought after coffee beans available.

Kenyan - Bulk Pack 100 coffee capsules

Considered by connoisseurs to be one of the worlds best coffees.It is grown in high altitudes to create a strong, distinct , bold flavour, smooth acidity with a mellow after taste. 

Guatemalan - Bulk Pack 100 Coffee Capsules

Grown in a well nourished volcanic soil, this coffee tends to be rich in flavour, high acidity, with a subtle hint of chocolate after taste.