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Etimo - Bulk Pack 100 Coffee Capsules

A classic Mocha Java with Kenyan for added complexity. Smooth Java heaviness with sparkling nuances from Africa just under the surface.

Proto - Bulk Pack 100 Coffee capsules

An African blend balanced with a clean finishing coffee from Papua New Guinea and sweetness from Indian Mysore Nuggets. A coffee great with milk that also satisfies black coffee drinkers.

Trella - Bulk Pack 100 capsules

A full tasting blend of two Central American coffees balanced with Brazilian and a pleasant lingering taste contributed by African coffees. Strength without bitterness, just go ahead, pour the milk.

Indian Bulk Pack 100 Coffee Capsules

Grown in Southern India, a low acidity, well balanced, pronounced bodied coffee.
*** Voted No 1 By Choice Magazine ***

Sumatran - Bulk Pack 100 coffee capsules

One of the heaviest, smoothest, most complex coffees with earthy and spicy notes. One of the most sought after coffee beans available.

Guatemalan - Bulk Pack 100 Coffee Capsules

Grown in a well nourished volcanic soil, this coffee tends to be rich in flavour, high acidity, with a subtle hint of chocolate after taste.